Unconventional Conventions

Blow convention out of the water with Mexico’s most astounding new convention arena. The innovative Moon Palace Arena engages your attendees (up to 10,000 of them!) with reliable smart technology, stunning outdoor terraces, thoughtfully designed exhibition areas and 140,000 square feet of multifunctional space. This is the venue for big ideas and bold presentations. Space hogs: you have met your perfect match.

If you’re a big thinker but anticipate smaller attendance at your all-inclusive convention, we have you covered.

Enjoy the same level of awesome service and amenities on a more intimate scale at Moon Palace’s other venues as well as our other resorts.


*Moon Palace offers additional convention space in the 55,850-square-foot Universal Ballroom Lower Level. Upstairs, another 36,000 square feet includes the Universal Ballroom Upper Level and the Galactic Ballroom’s 26,800 square feet, complete with a permanent stage and adjoining meeting room.
*Moon Palace Jamaica affords a total 21,000 square feet of flexible, beachfront meeting space.
*Le Blanc Spa Resort features two ballrooms (Sand and Breeze) totaling 8,418 square feet of convention space. A sunlit foyer and open-air terraces are available to enhance your convention agenda.
*Other options include Sun Palace’s 3,318-square-foot Ocean Ballroom (divisible by two), Playacar Palace’s 3,330-square-foot Riviera Ballroom (divisible by 6) and Beach Palace’s 8,275-square-foot Grand Ballroom (divisible by 13). All three resorts feature outdoor terraces. One not to miss: the dramatic Sky Terrace, located on the 14th floor of Beach Palace.